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Date published: 2018-03-18 07:26:23 UTC
From wallet address: SeJWp5nh4zEFsfjwAS34jv9rtAU7aU9UqL First publisher!
Author name: ScashDevelopers <> This is the original author
Document version: v1.2.3
Document name: SpeedCash-Wallet-WinX86-v123-portable.7z
Hash: 1aa190f76ddc55d8ec9761b0d50a897740fa1c66876a1f7fe930e1f5c3a027220177eb3063d2b4d2e68887d13c2d2a822732306ad92436090a6e590b3b7bb7a6
Comment: Windows Wallet, Build 38, Portable Version

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