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 This is the live messages feed generated from SCS blockchain data which is sent by users. Please note, we are not responsible for its contents and the safety of external links (displayed in red color).


Date sent: 2018-09-06 03:08:47 UTC
Amount: 2.993992SCS
Message: crrex 24
Date sent: 2018-05-22 22:08:01 UTC
Amount: 0.008983SCS
Date sent: 2018-05-22 22:00:53 UTC
Amount: 0.898991SCS
Message: MOON SOON
Date sent: 2018-05-21 20:18:44 UTC
Amount: 10.199955SCS
Message: Testing Messeging
Date sent: 2018-05-12 05:46:54 UTC
Amount: 4.238954SCS
Message: Eyy boi send me some of that richlist SCS lmao
Date sent: 2018-05-04 19:45:20 UTC
Amount: 9.998188SCS
Message: Message with trusted sender signature
Date sent: 2018-04-30 16:30:04 UTC
Amount: 10.999172SCS
Message: Message to yourself with preserving the address
Date sent: 2018-04-30 15:51:19 UTC
Amount: 1.995543SCS
Message: This is my test message
Date sent: 2018-04-30 11:30:47 UTC
Amount: 8.998375SCS
Message: Test of trusted signatures
Date sent: 2018-04-07 20:49:29 UTC
Amount: 316.232574SCS
Message: Yeah! Wassup SCS users?!
Date sent: 2018-04-01 00:20:26 UTC
Amount: 0.017980SCS
Message: this is test my space blockchain
Date sent: 2018-03-31 21:04:37 UTC
Amount: 50.672359SCS
Message: Speedcash will conquer this world:)
Date sent: 2018-03-30 10:51:37 UTC
Amount: 14.999431SCS
Message: hahahah
Date sent: 2018-03-24 09:41:20 UTC
Amount: 1.010651SCS
Directory for Troubleshooting Laptop won't turn on, won't power on, won't boot, doesn't start up, no display, black screen and other problems
Date sent: 2018-03-23 23:04:22 UTC
Amount: 1.969835SCS
Date sent: 2018-03-23 15:12:00 UTC
Amount: 1.010163SCS
Message: 馃榾 路 馃榿 路 馃槀 路 馃槂 路 馃槃 路 馃槄 路 馃槅 路 馃槆 路 馃槇 路 馃槈 路 馃槉 ...
Date sent: 2018-03-23 04:07:16 UTC
Amount: 1.012292SCS
Message: Test
Multiline message
With links:
Date sent: 2018-03-22 15:46:18 UTC
Amount: 1.996566SCS
Message: Feature
Date sent: 2018-03-22 12:38:43 UTC
Amount: 81.004219SCS
Message: Crypto Hub
Date sent: 2018-03-19 18:16:24 UTC
Amount: 24.505505SCS
Message: 鈧 itcoin Address Shortning: https://鈧.to | COMING SOON!

Date sent: 2018-03-18 17:51:02 UTC
Amount: 7.018142SCS
Message: Test with message attachment. Additional fee estimate for 79 chars : 0.000 SCS.
Date sent: 2018-03-18 17:50:00 UTC
Amount: 1.002621SCS
Message: Test with message attachment. Additional fee estimate for 79 chars : 0.000 SCS.
Date sent: 2018-03-18 18:41:50 UTC
Amount: 6.265808SCS
Message: 鈽橈笍
Date sent: 2018-03-18 18:38:33 UTC
Amount: 7.266814SCS
Message: 馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟
Date sent: 2018-03-18 18:33:44 UTC
Amount: 8.267871SCS
Message: Test message with html link tag
Date sent: 2018-03-18 18:25:43 UTC
Amount: 9.268921SCS
Message: Test with message attachment. Additional fee estimate for 79 chars : 0.000 SCS.
Date sent: 2018-03-18 07:14:30 UTC
Amount: 1.011632SCS
Message: test
Date sent: 2018-03-17 13:33:44 UTC
Amount: 130.047180SCS
Message: Airdrop tails
Date sent: 2018-03-17 13:01:26 UTC
Amount: 9.999195SCS
Message: (And these messages too)
Date sent: 2018-03-17 12:59:40 UTC
Amount: 1.177353SCS
Message: Don't worry, these %VAULT messages will soon disappear from block explorer messages feed.

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